MDS congress in Hong Kong

MDS congress in Hong Kong Tweet

The international Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society, MDS,  held its annual congress in Hong Kong in October. Besides attending interesting talks, and meeting with friends and colleagues, it was a great opportunity to explore the fascinating scenery of Hong Kong: from skyscrapers to little fishing villages.

Professor Jens Volkmann talked about the past, present and future of surgical intervention for Dystonia and Tremor. In his talk, he highlighted the work from our lab: the study on progressive gait ataxia in essential tremor patients (published), and the multi-centre study for the optimal stimulation location of the GPi in Dystonia patients (currently under review).

Furthermore, Martin presented a poster on the neural connectivity of delayed onset DBS side-effects. This study was executed in collaboration with Mike Fox’s group (Harvard, Boston).


(Photo: Alea Stengl)



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