MDS summer school participants competed for a bottle of wine in a DBS game

MDS summer school participants competed for a bottle of wine in a DBS game

This video shows the cloud of all VTAs that were placed by the participants.

The international Parkinson and Movement Disorders Society hosted their 2nd summer school in Würzburg – September 6-8.

Neurologists, neurosurgeons, nurses and other allied health personnel received an overview on neuromodulation techniques with hands-on sessions, in particular concerning deep brain stimulation (DBS).

At the opening of the summer school Professor Volkmann announced that all participants would be subjected to a fun experiment: plan a perfect therapy on one of the Suretune systems in the lobby, and win a big bottle of wine from the Würzburg Vineyards.

Without the help of anatomical atlases or target coordinates 32 contestants virtually placed a VTA at what they believed would be the best location for GPi targeted treatment of Dystonia.

Their VTAs were then scored and ranked using a statistical model based on more than 80 dystonia patients (soon to be published) to find out who would hit the sweetspot.

An impressive score of 28 out of 32 hit at least some part of the statistical model. But even more impressive was the spot-on targeting of first prize winner Dr. Inger Marie Skogseid, Neurologist at Oslo University Hospital.

Left to right: Jonas, Martin, Maxim Ryzhkov (Medtronic), Regina, Prof. Volkmann, Joey Hsu (BIDMC-Harvard), Hazem

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  1. Nice experiment! Great to see how purely image-based approaches can support DBS programming and hopefully lead to better outcomes!

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