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Martin Reich

Neurologist and group leader


During Medical School in Kiel, Germany, I got the first time in touch with the fascinating therapeutic potential of deep brain stimulation and started 2008 my doctoral thesis in this field with Jens Volkmann and Guenther Deuschl. After a short stay at King’s College in London and finishing Medical School, I moved to Wuerzburg to start my Residency in Neurology and continuing my scientific efforts in Movement disorders and Brainstimulation. I completed a clinical scientist track and afterwards I went to Harvard Medical School in Boston for a postdoc stay in the group of Michael Fox. Since 2017 I’m leading the visualDBSlab here in Wuerzburg focusing on neuroplasticity and network-wide effects of neuromodulation therapies. Additionally I’m a senior consultant at the department of Neurology.


I’m quite hooked by board sports, therefore I spend my spare time snowboarding the Alps or surfing the Atlantic Ocean. Wake- and Longboarding around Wuerzburg is also more then welcome after work. Beside that I like to cook with friends or enjoy to reading a good book.

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