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My interest in Neuroscience begun in 2006, when I started studying both psychology and medicine at the University of Wuerzburg. In my doctoral thesis I followed an approach for the early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease using NIRS. I joined the Neurosurgery department of the University Hospital of Wuerzburg and the DBS team of Prof. Matthies in 2013. Since than I followed research topics in Movement Disorders for example surgical lead revision and Directional DBS leads and happily joined the Visual DBS lab as a founding member. In 2021 I became a board-certified neurosurgeon. My recent research interests are about DBS of the Nucleus basalis Meynert and gait problems after DBS.


In my free time I pursue contact sports, train MMA and kickboxing for 10 years now. I like spending time at the gym, skiing and really enjoy jumping into the water with a board or for diving. During my life so far, I traveled a lot and will continue in the future. Right now, I attend a course to get a hunting license in autumn 2021.

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